Reverend Kaleb Lamb is a charismatic speaker, leader, shepherd and author. He has one current completed work and in late process of his follow up.

At the age of 21 Kaleb began to mentor under the tutelage of Reverend Richard Busha and served in a leadership capacity at Blue Ridge Baptist Church. He followed Reverend Busha into the church planting ministry and helped establish New Horizon Church in Anderson, South Carolina. Reverend Lamb was fortunate enough to develop under an Ordination council under the watch of New Horizon Church and the Saluda Baptist Association. Retired missions director John Dill was one of the overseers of Reverend Lamb’s ordination council.

Reverend Lamb has been blessed to speak at events ranging from evangelism conferences, addiction recovery networks to weekly sermon series’.

Throughout all areas of student ministry, Reverend Lamb has seen large multiplication of attendance and serving. Salvations and baptisms have been seen through grace and servanthood.


Kaleb’s Book

“Radical Thoughts” is for those who have been hurt by the Church, the members of the Church and those who consider themselves to be a part of the Church. This is a call to action for a generation to re-imagine and reinvigorate just who it is we are called to be as Christians. Together we are called to be more like Jesus and less like pharisees.

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